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Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Posted on January 15, 2013 at 7:45 PM Comments comments (5)

Well hello! I'm Kay, the owner of Galaxie Gallery, wife, mother, artist and disabled. I guess I should give you a little back ground on my story and what Galaxie Gallery means to me in order for you to understand why I do the things I do

I have always loved art and old things life has always been a treasure hunt for me. I started Galaxie Gallery in midsummer 2011, I was living the dream. I had a full time job that was paying well, happy family, nice house, and a budding new business online web store I really couldn't have asked for more and on Sept 15 2011 my dream turned into a nightmare. My blood pressure dropped suddenly and I fainted I hit my head on a desk and I crushed my spinal cord and suffered severe nerve damage in the cervical area of my spinal cord. I opened my eyes and suddenly I was an artist that couldn't feel her legs or arms I panicked. "What was I going to do, how would I work, be a mom, take care of everyone and everything that's what I did and now I needed to be taken care of".

So my life took a very different direction after surgery I started at Magee Rehab which I still go to. That is where I learned to walk again and use my hands again. When they found out I was an artist my therapist focused on Art Therapy and teaching me to use my art to control my pain. You see one day my hands will go into a spasm and curl up and never open up again no one is able to tell me when this will happen but we know it will so I use my art to try and keep my hands moving as much as I can until that day.

So now I've told you a bit about my journey here. You can see Galaxie is very dear to my heart in several ways. First being art is a passion of mine but it is also therapeutic for my spinal cord injury. I also find it to be a little odd that I have always been obsessed with up cycling and using recycled and repurposed items in my art and in a strange way I feel recycled myself now. It's as if I have turned into my own personal masterpiece in a twisted kind of way.